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Poppy Lissiman: Favorite Pink Wallet and Fun Accessories

Bold, beautiful, creative, chic, and just a bit left of center: the ideal woman and Australia’s freshest accessories label. Poppy Lissiman’s self-named accessories brand is perfectly funky and fashionable in every way. Advertisements


David Hockney: All Time Favorite Artist (ARCHIVE 2014)

This post goes out to my main man in the art world, David Hockney. While credited as one of the masterminds behind the British Pop Art movement and as one of the best contemporary artists, in actuality, Hockney’s talents exceed such titles. Judging by the versatility of his work, his zesty yet frank personality and, obviously, his intrinsic eye for color and composition, I’d reckon he’s quite possibly the most glorious artist that will ever live. But, I’m no expert. Hockney was born in 1937 in Bradford, England and spent the majority of his adult life between England and Los Angeles. Distinctive to his style is that his work totally reflects his environment; you can look at virtually any painting and determine if Hockney was living in California or England at the time. His portfolio is dominated by brilliant color palettes and landscapes, with a number of portraits, interiors and still lifes thrown into the mix. I want to say that painting is his forte, but he’s also an amazing printmaker, photographer and he definitely …