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Berlin: First Impressions

I’ve lived in Berlin for six days now, and I’m pleased to say that the uncomfortable flight was absolutely worth it. Wow Airlines is truly something else. The price point in unbeatable, and now I know why With a total of six checked bags at $70 each, we spent an additional $420 on luggage. Although, shipping boxes to Germany is twenty times that, so while I complain, Wow still was the most affordable option.

Groovy Fashion Trends of 1969 (ARCHIVE 2013)

In 1969, Arthur Schatz, a photographer for Life Magazine, perfectly captured the hippie sub-culture fashion of the emerging youth. Schatz photographed a California high school and its many fads including shift dresses, fringe vests, crop tops, bell bottoms, floral maxis and kaleidoscope prints imitating those of Emilio Pucci. I’m not promoting bell bottoms and I’ve never supported the re-emergence of fringe, but many of the styles from the late sixties have come back around in a very good way.

Palazzo Chupi: NYC’s Pinkest Building (ARCHIVE 2013)

You can expect to see the unexpected in New York City; people and buildings worthy of second glances. I regret not taking a picture of the man dubbed Chandelier and his friend King Charles V…or was it the VI? Chandelier had metallic dreadlocks that he habitually spray-painted gold, and King Charles was a wandering man with nothing but a rocking horse and a portfolio of amateur photographs. I purchased a King Charles original print for $1, and he kindly signed the back with a personal message: “I like pizza”.

David Hockney: All Time Favorite Artist (ARCHIVE 2014)

This post goes out to my main man in the art world, David Hockney. While credited as one of the masterminds behind the British Pop Art movement and as one of the best contemporary artists, in actuality, Hockney’s talents exceed such titles. Judging by the versatility of his work, his zesty yet frank personality and, obviously, his intrinsic eye for color and composition, I’d reckon he’s quite possibly the most glorious artist that will ever live. But, I’m no expert. Hockney was born in 1937 in Bradford, England and spent the majority of his adult life between England and Los Angeles. Distinctive to his style is that his work totally reflects his environment; you can look at virtually any painting and determine if Hockney was living in California or England at the time. His portfolio is dominated by brilliant color palettes and landscapes, with a number of portraits, interiors and still lifes thrown into the mix. I want to say that painting is his forte, but he’s also an amazing printmaker, photographer and he definitely …