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Get Up On This: A Little Tribute to My Favorite Podcast

Nearly five years ago, when Max and I met, he introduced me to a podcast that has since become a weekly highlight, paired perfectly with a Tuesday run. I started listening to Get Up On This in New York, and since moving to Berlin, it has remained a constant. For those of you who are interested, the format of the show is simple: two guys with creative backgrounds in music, film, writing, and the sorts, present to us, the listeners, things which are not yet hyped that they think we should get up on. And, every now and then, they dedicate an episode to things that people should get up off. Their picks are often hip hop artists, board games, TV shows, and movies, and also include regional LA picks and entirely random activities and food products.

Who knew I would be so affected by the banter of two grown men, or become genuinely interested in their lives, successes, pop culture preferences, and perspectives. It’s an odd, and ostensibly creepy concept to feel emotionally invested in the lives of two strangers, but it’s not an uncommon one. It can happen with movie stars, artists, and social media influencers, but there has been something extra special about tuning in each week and experiencing an incredible bond between friends, hilarious organic bits, and rapid-fire insults and comebacks. Their honesty and openness was refreshing and relatable, and it was especially delightful when their lovely ladies appeared as guests.

I know this sounds like an awkwardly sentimental post about a podcast; really it’s just my way of saying goodbye to two guys, that I don’t personally know, that have had a hugely positive impact on the last five years of my life. The podcast as we know it has ended, but the silver lining, and, I suppose, what I am now getting you up on, is that it will continue in the same format with a new host, Ali Segel. Hilarious, intelligent, beautiful, and bold; the perfect gal to continue the legacy and provide new picks and perspectives.

Thank you, Jensen and Matty, you guys rock and I wish you only the best.

Favorite “Get Up Ons”

Innanet James
Okay Kaya
Amber Mark
Jessie Reyez
Travis Scott
Party Next Door

The Handmaid’s Tale
The Defiant Ones
The Good Place
Black Mirror
The Great British Bake Off
Nirvanana The Band The Show
Fuck That’s Delicious

Morris from America
Ingrid Goes West
The Witch
It Follows
The Babadook

Code Names

Favorite “Get Up Offs”

Customer Receipts
Waiting to put your turn signal on
Poorly planned lane merging
Traditional weddings
Deep dish pizza
Flavored water
The Fat Jew


  1. Carol Foynes Sandin Woodruff says

    Who knew when you went to Germany to study for an MBA that you would have time to a) travel to so many exotic and fabulous places, b) create and write a blog of such great interest to all who have not had the opportunities to travel or enjoy your choices of restaurants, et al! To continue to share parts of your life I will keep following anything you post, dear granddaughter! Your skills in writing and photograpy are impressive. Love, Gramsley

    Liked by 1 person

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