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Top 5 Kombucha Brands

Some of of the biggest food trends of the decade are organic food, local food, and a veggie-centric diet (a term easier to swallow for those not ready to join the vegan “cult”). Considered on the fringe for decades, the clean eating and healthy living movement is now at the forefront of mainstream media. Finally.

Of course, there have been numerous unhealthy (and unpredictable) foods that at one point or another were all the rave —  think cronuts, mini cupcakes, frozen yogurt, and bacon everything. Not my thing, however there are food trends that have become fundamental to my wellbeing. My life would be questionable without the deliciousness of cold-pressed juice, avocado toast, kale, matcha tea, and kombucha.

Addiction, love affair, obsession  — call it what you want, but I cannot live without kombucha. For those of you who may not have yet tried it, kombucha is essentially fermented tea. It’s generally made with black or green tea, sugar, and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). The SCOBY breaks down the sugar, which transforms the tea into a slightly alcoholic, tangy, and bubbly mixture.

The surge in kombucha production is directly related to the growing popularity of clean eating and health awareness, as well as the decline in demand for soda and other sugary beverages. Packed with natural probiotics and acids that promote gut health and liver detoxification, kombucha is both a delicious and nourishing choice.

There are a few things you should know when looking for the best (healthiest and most authentic) kombucha. First, kombucha must be fermented and stored in glass because its natural acids break down other materials. Additionally, light damages probiotics (the healthy essence of kombucha), so the best kombucha will be sold in dark glass bottles. If the kombucha is flavored, make sure the additive is fresh pressed juice rather than some other flavor variant. It’s necessary for kombucha to have sugar, without it the mixture wouldn’t ferment or be fizzy, but it really only needs a tad. Quality kombucha should have 4-8 grams of sugar per bottle. Watch out for added sugar, and make sure it’s organic!

1. Health-Ade

The absolute best kombucha out there. Consistently good across all flavors and the most fizzy. The best flavors are California Grape and Pink Lady Apple.

2. Synergy

Nice and tart and super bubbly, as long as you get the right flavors. Go for the Classic Synergy dark bottle varieties, they’re the fizziest and the strongest. The best flavors are Divine Grape and Superfruits.


3. Kevita

Excellent kombucha, super bubbly, and more caffeinated than other brands. The best flavors are Lavender Melon and Mango Habanero.

4. Katalyst Kombucha

Delicious kombucha – light, bubbly, and only a hint of sweet. The best flavors are Concord Grape and Bliss Berry.

5. Kombrewcha

So much yum. If you’re not into the tartness or acidity of normal kombucha, definitely start with this brand. It’s very bubbly, fresh, and the flavors are natural and robust. The best flavors are Lemongrass Lime and Berry Hibiscus.

Here’s to hoping there’s kombucha in Berlin!


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