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12 Favorite Winter Parkas

I have very fond memories of my rugged child-self  — without getting too political, think toe-headed four-year-old in rural Vermont with a fervor for adventure meets Merriweather Lewis. From a young age (and yes, I’m constantly reminded of this), I was opinionated, determined and somewhat of a nut for adventure and adrenaline. There weren’t many options for entertainment in my hometown, so naturally I took to the outdoors. In the summer I’d climb trees, bike, make forts in our lush flower gardens, and swim in all of the ponds and rivers I could find. In the winter, I became a snow child. If I wasn’t sledding or making snow angels, I was sure to be leading a one girl (and one dog) expedition through the dense forests around our home.  I didn’t mind being alone in nature, in fact I didn’t have a care in the world. Snow was such a treasure I don’t remember even once being cold.

Snowfall is still something I look forward to; it always evokes a sense of comfort and a yearning to go play. Cold weather, well that’s another story. And cold weather without the perfect winter parka, now that’s an affliction I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Last year I wrote a similar post on my favorite winter parkas, and here we have a new and improved version.

1. Arctic North “Mont Tremblant”


2. Aether Cityscape


3. Canada Goose “Victoria”


4. Golden by Tna (exclusively Aritzia) “Bancroft”


5. Soia & Kyo Salma-F6


6. Fjallraven “Kyla”


7. Mackage “Juana”


8. Patagonia “Tres”

9. Moose Knuckles “Stirling”


10. Arc’teryx Gambier


11. Woolrich “Arctic”

12. Napapijri “Skidoo”


Quality parkas can get pricy, but ensuring warmth and comfort through the coldest winter months is worth the investment.




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