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Homemade Mulled Wine

In the spirit of all things cozy and warm, tonight’s main course is mulled wine. Given the current East Coast blizzard, I think that’s just fine. The recipe I used is adapted and simplified from a couple of different ones we tried out last winter.

Before meeting Max, mulled wine was always a peripheral drink — I was unable to understand why anyone would want to alter wine. Anything that good should be served straight up, or so I thought. But then I met Max and then I went to Germany and then I realized that Germans loved their Glühwein. So I gave in, and it wasn’t hard. Mulled wine is so delicious. And so warming.

1.5 liters of wine (2 bottles)
6 Tbsp sugar (much less than most recipes call for, perfect amount of sweetness)
1 orange, for garnish and zest
1 lemon, for garnish and zest
8 cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
1) Heat sugar in large saucepan on medium heat with just enough wine to cover bottom of pan.
2) Add cloves, cinnamon sticks, and sections of peel of both orange and lemon, as well as zest (use microplane to zest entirety of each peel).
3) Simmer until sugar is dissolved, and then bring to rolling boil until a thick syrup is formed. It’s important to created a syrup with the sugar — it draws out the flavor of the spices, but most importantly, sugar has a high melting point so if you were to dissolve it by bringing all of the wine to a rolling boil, there is risk that the alcohol will cook off. And obviously we don’t want that.
4) Turn the heat to low when the syrup is ready and add the rest of the wine, juice from orange, and citrus slices for garnish.
5) Heat the mixture for about 5 minutes, or until it reaches desired temperature, and serve.


Prep station


Simmer sugar, spices, and a nip of wine to create thick syrup


Add citrus slices just because it looks nice


Serve and indulge

And remember, there’s no better way to prepare mulled wine than with Prosecco cocktails. Owl’s Brew Cocktail Mixer is a perfect way to spice up Prosecco, red wine, whiskey, or rum.







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