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Sweet & Swedish NYC (ARCHIVE 2013)

I’m very health conscious, but I’m also a Libra, so I like to balance my diet with a little something sweet. As with most things in NYC, the options for candy stores are boundless, and in order to find the best ones, you have to know where to look. The West Village is where you’ll find New York’s primo sweet (and Swedish) spot. Sockerbit, a self-serve candy bar, offers varied and delicious treats with the most amusing names. I enjoy the Vattenmeloner, Skumshots, Pasta Basta Lordgubb and Surnyckel, which were labeled “Sour Wrenches” at the store.

It’s clean, visually appealing, and all things gummy and sour (my personal favorites) are aplenty. Equally delightful is their cultural inspiration. “Lördagsgodis”, which translates to Saturday sweets, is a tradition held throughout Scandinavia that allows kids to celebrate their weekends with a handpicked bag of “smågodis”, or little candies. When it comes to sweets, leave it to the Swedes.

Smågodis available here.



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