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Palazzo Chupi: NYC’s Pinkest Building (ARCHIVE 2013)

You can expect to see the unexpected in New York City; people and buildings worthy of second glances. I regret not taking a picture of the man dubbed Chandelier and his friend King Charles V…or was it the VI? Chandelier had metallic dreadlocks that he habitually spray-painted gold, and King Charles was a wandering man with nothing but a rocking horse and a portfolio of amateur photographs. I purchased a King Charles original print for $1, and he kindly signed the back with a personal message: “I like pizza”.

Palazzo Chupi is a character of a different kind. Located in the West Village, it’s a set of hot pink residential condominiums designed by artist Julian Schnabel. Schnabel has received both praise and protest for his lavish design that is debated to be a work of art and a homage to himself.

The 50,000 sq ft structure includes a triplex, two duplexes, two single-floor residences, an indoor parking garage and a swimming pool. Before Schnabel discovered the building through artist Roy Lichtenstein, it had acted as a stable and a perfume factory. These days, Palazzo Chupi remains relatively vacant save for the duplex that Schnabel occupies. Apparently Richard Gere purchased one of the single-floor residences for $12 million a few years back but never moved in…I think all that pink left him chupified.

Street view of Palazzo Chupi:



Chupa Chup access only pics:









Chupa Chup access only pics via here


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